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Hiring a Professional Harpist
(more than just playing the music!)

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Janet Witman   Mindy Cutcher & Janet Witman:
"Principally Harps"

Contact Janet at brandywineharps@gmail.com or call 610-345-9177

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Harp Links

Brandywine Harp Orchestra
Brandywine Harps- the only continuous professional harp orchestra in the U.S.A!

Music School of Delaware
Janet also teaches harp lessons at this music school in Delaware.

Edinburgh International Harp Festival
Brandywine Harps were the first American harp ensemble invited to play at this well-known harp festival in Scotland.

The "Harplust" List
A listing of harp makers, harp vendors and vendors of harp accessories, compiled by fellow harpist Mike Nielsen

Delaware's best resource for classical musicians

#1 wedding music website on Amazon.

national link to professional harp teachers.

Harp pro and friend, Mindy Cutcher from Philadelphia.

Scottish harp virtuoso and friend Catriona McKay

Singer/Songwriter/Harper Gillian Grassie is gaining an international reputation
(I'm her proud harp teacher!)

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