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Music for the Soul

Music for the Soul

Music for the Soul
a musical sampling from the pioneers in the emerging field of harp therapy, featuring Janet's "Bittersweet."



  1. Gentle Souls
    Christina Tourin
  2. Bittersweet
    Janet (Biely) Witman
  3. Gift of Love
    arr. Dr. Ron Price
  4. Fanny Poer
    arr. Dr. Ron Price
  5. Refraction
    Laurie Riley
  6. Do What You Like
    Julia Hanes
  7. El Coco-Mexican, Vera Cruz style
    arr. Sarajane Williams
  8. African Amori
    Licia Seaman
  9. Whisper from an Angel
    Gloria Galante
  10. The Willow Tree
    Katie Lyon
  11. Meadows
    Karl and Marilyn Wienand
  12. Simple Gifts
    Richmond Public Schools Harp Ensemble
  13. Bransle del la Tourche
    Richmond Public Schools Harp Ensemble
  14. Lullaby for the Lord
    Joanna Mell
  15. Prayer
    Gail Barber
  16. The Lost Heart
    Cheryl Dungan Cunningham
  17. Carolan's Farewell to Music
    arr. Liz Cifani
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